Privacy guidelines

The Data Protection Authorities publish so called "privacy guidelines" to current topics of data protection. These documents should be a helpful guideline in practice for data protection officers and for those who are technically involved in questions regarding data protection to implement procedures conforming to Data Protection Acts. Principals like "Privacy-by-Design" an "Privacy-by-default" play a prominent role in this connection. Listed below you will find the privacy guidelines that have been published in the last few years:

  • Consent form - Notes on data protection in designing consent forms (Mar 2016)
  • Email & internet - Using email and internet on the place of employment (Jan 2016)
  • Smart-TV - Requirements of smart-tv-services to comply Data Protection Acts (Sep 2015)
  • Video surveillance - Rules for public transportation (Sep 2015)
  • Video surveillance - Rules for swimming pools (Aug 2015)
  • Cloud-Computing - Essential issues of data protection (Okt 2014)
  • Apps - Requirements to app-developer an app-provider (Jun 2014)
  • KIS - Medical information systems, privacy guideline to medical information system (Mar 2014)
  • Video surveillance - Core aspects for private owned corporations (Feb 2014)
  • Self-disclosure rent - Request for information about potential renter (Jan 2014)
  • Self-regulation - How to interact with codes of conduct as defined in § 38a German Federal Data Protection Act (Nov 2013)
  • Multi-client capability - Technical and organizational requirements (Okt 2012)