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Press releases

Ansbach, 03.03.2017

7. Activity report published

Thomas Kranig, President of the BayLDA, presented the new 7th Activity Report for the years 2015/2016 in Nuremberg today.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Ansbach, 21.03.2017

Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) - Art. 35 GDPR

The BayLDA discusses the new topic Privacy Impact Assessment and releases another paper in its GDPR-publication-series.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

Ansbach, 27.02.2017

Code of Conduct - Art. 40 GDPR

The GDPR provides new incentives to drawing up Codes of Conduct. The BayLDA summarizes the key points in a brief summary.

Press releases

Ansbach, 21.02.2017

Unlocked filing cabinet with data of patients

A dentist surgery kept patient files in a publicly accessible entrance area of a house - this can cause high fines in future.