Organisation & contact persons

Organisation chart

The BayLDA consists of six departments with different areas of activity. The simple organisational structure can be seen in the following picture (organigram):

The contact persons of each departement are listed afterwards. However, we would strongly recommend to address your concern preferential to our main office. For this purpose you can use our online complaint form, our telephone numbers or encrypted e-mail-communication.

President of the BayLDA: Key questions, Public Relations, Press Relations
President: Mr. Kranig (0981/53-1300)
Office: Ms. Gebele (0981/53-1300)
Department 1: Employment Data Protection, Video surveillance
Department head: Mr. Meier (0981/53-1228)
Administration: -
Department 2: Banking and Finance Industry, Credit Agencies, Advertisement, Consumer Relations, General Questions
Department head: Mr. Ilgenfritz (0981/53-1301)
Administration: Mr. Niebel (0981/53-1334), Mr. Wörrlein (0981/53-1427)
Department 3: Insurance Companies, Health Industry, Freelancers, Nonprofit Organizations
Department head: Ms. Kraml (0981/53-1482)
Administration: Ms. Dierauff (0981/53-1473), Mr. Niebel (0981/53-1334)
Department 4: Online Companies, Tele-Media, Apps, Mercantile directories
Department head: Ms. Benedikt (0981/53-1474)
Administration: Mr. Andörfer (0981/53-1303)
Department 5: Administrative Fines, International Data Processing, Associations and Chambers, Leasing and Residential Property
Department head: Mr. Filip (0981/53-1419)
Administration: Ms. Riedel (0981/53-1428), Ms. Stanik (0981/53-1510), Mr. Kistner (0981/53-1886)
Department 6: IT Security and Technical Aspects of Data Protection
Department head: Mr. Sachs (0981/53-1304)
Administration: Ms. Buschmann (0981/53-1488), Ms. Zeller (0981/53-1424), Mr. Mammen (0981/53-1481), Ms. Schuller (0981/53-1480), Mr. Buckel (0981/53-1307)