Current notes

Ansbach, 05.12.2017

Startup Nations Summit 2017 in Tallinn

The BayLDA participated in the Startup Nations Summit (SNS) 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia. This network for entrepreneurs and policy shapers provides a platform to discuss innovative ideas for startups. The BayLDA supported the Policy Hack at the SNS to help startups with regulatory challenges of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The goal of the BayLDA-team was to have five questions covering main topics such as purpose, awareness, risks, security and transparency of data processing, prepared as a starting point especially for startups in implementing the GDPR. To bring fast-paced startups and the data protection authorities together, the BayLDA is currently developing guidance how to understand easily the main points of the GDPR.

Ansbach, 24.11.2017

Road to GDPR - Self-assessment

As of November 25, 2017, there will only be six months left until the new European data protection law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), becomes effective. Therefore, the BayLDA offers an online-test for controllers that allows a data protection journey across the European Union in a playful way. With it, companies can see how far they are on their way to be compliant with legal data protection requirements. As a result, everyone who participates receives a detailed analysis of the chosen answers and a description of how we believe the requirements should be implemented.

Ansbach, 10.10.2017

BayLDA investigates website encryption

As part of the new cyber security initiative to protect personal data the BayLDA starts a additional online service on its website. The URLs entered there will be checked regarding the https encryption being state-of-the-art.

Ansbach, 04.10.2017

BayLDA evaluates the use of "Facebook Custom Audience"

The Data Protection Authority of Bavaria (BayLDA) examined recently 40 Bavarian companies whether and how they use the marketing tool "Facebook Custom Audience" to place targeted advertising on Facebook.

Ansbach, 05.07.2017

BayLDA publishes questionnaire regarding GDPR audit

On the basis of numerous requests, the BayLDA decided to publish the questionnaire regarding the GDPR audit also in English. The document can be downloaded as a PDF file below.